Illustrator, Concept Creator, Package Designer
MEETING COFFEE is a coffee caricature hub based out of Manhattan. The company was designed to have a rotating menu, where each month, every year, a new category is highlighted and there are 3 specialty coffee drinks with their own special caricatures. MEETING COFFEE also has a “ME” coffee menu item, where the customer is able to order a drink off the menu and get a caricature of themselves drawn on the spot. 

MEETING COFFEE was intended to appeal to all audiences, with its timeless color palette, and straight forward type. The intention was to create items available for purchase based on the caricatures.

When creating MEETING COFFEE, over 250 assets were made. For the 12 months in 2022, 12 different themes were chosen and 36 people were highlighted, 3 people per month.  The themes were: resolutions, black history month, womens history month, famous stoners, may the 4th be with you, pride month, famous americans, summer of love, “falling” for..., boooo!, indigenous peoples month and 2022 wrapped. The 36 caricatures were illustrated in Adobe Fresco, and each asset was made in Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop. Specialty coffee menu items were given tailored recipies, tried and true.