Font Founder, Glyph Creator
Kinesis is an 84 glyph font created in Glyphs and inspired by professor Mark Costa at Syracuse University. Costa’s work in the MIND Lab and his personality stimulated the creation of a font resonating the microscopic vibration of atoms impulsively working.

Kinesis took over 80 hours to create and produce for Mark Costa, involving much trial and error within Glyphs.

Curious and ambitious, Mark Costa is a person who keeps moving, whether in thought or hunting in the woods with his two dogs. He loves to track down new opportunities. Similar to his work in scientometrics, applied neuroscience and human computer interaction, Kinesis forces the reader to assume what the gaps in the type should be, the same way artificial intelligence assumes how humans would act and speak. The gaps in each letter—almost imperceptible at first glance, represent a space where the mind, mid-thought, pauses and gathers itself and reconnects back to the letter. In the same way coding is a precise science, artificial intelligence is, too. Having glyphs that are almost exactly the same in height and width represents mathematical correctness. This gap between mind and speech is the way Mark’s mind works. There are always moving parts and although we can’t see them, they continue on and on. When he speaks, we hear fluid and finished thoughts. This is what I wanted his typeface to evoke.

Kinesis was also used in a logo creation for a client, showcased below.